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This glove is in a class by itself.

Laminated with a high density EVA foam and padded with a perfectly cut Rubatex® foam, this glove has been our most popular and trusted model and has been used by some of boxing’s greatest champions and biggest punchers including Oleksandr Usyk, Anthony Joshua, Vasiliy Lomachenko, Artur Beterbiev, Keith Thurman and so many more. However its not just the men who love this glove, three female World Champions have trusted this glove for their championship fights, Katie Taylor, Amanda Serrano and Marie-Ève Dicaire.

Simply put, we believe we have succeeded in designing and producing simply the best, most comfortable and most ergonomically correct Pro Fight glove on the market today.

The RFX-Guerrero HDE-F glove is a cutting-edge, sleek-styled Pro Fight Glove with a great fit and the Rival patented 15º Angled Lace Track.

Like all our Pro Fight Gloves, the RFX-Guerrero HDE-F is designed to accommodate a pro wrap without compromising the fit and feel.

Each glove is handcrafted with pride and designed to make that perfect fist!


SF-H: Padded with a traditional, old school, quilted horsehair padding, this is what the industry refers to as a "punchers glove” because of the horsehair padding. The leather is laminated with a soft, polyurethane foam to give the leather more texture and a soft “broken-in” feel.

HDE-F: The leather is laminated with a high density EVA foam and padded with a Rubatex® foam giving this glove a stiffer, firmer feel with the accent on power and protection.

Regardless of the glove you choose, we are more than confident that you will love the custom fit, the protection and most importantly the transmission of power that you are looking for in a Professional Fight glove.

All our Pro Fight Gloves are approved all over the World and have been used in Championship fights in almost every continent.

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