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Everlast Red Elite 2 Pro Training Gloves-Hook and Loop

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The Everlast Elite 2 Pro Boxing Gloves are designed with advanced technology to provide the ultimate protection and performance for fighters and trainers. The 1.5 strap system with a fully adjustable exterior strap and an interior non-adjustable elastic strap ensures a tight and secure fit, while the punched air ventilation holes help with breathability and temperature control. The gloves feature an integrated palm foam section for increased protection and support, as well as an ergonomically correct foam grip bar and attached thumb to help prevent injuries during training. The five-layer foam combination provides high-level impact absorption, and the "splint" style foam combination offers wrist support to help prevent injuries caused by the wrist bending in the wrong direction during impact. The raised cuff panel with a strap channel secures the strap at the same level as the raised section to help reduce the chances of catching anything during training. These gloves are made with high-quality microfiber PU for higher durability than traditional leathers.

• 1.5 strap system for secure fit

• Adjustable exterior strap and non-adjustable interior elastic strap

• Punched air ventilation holes for breathability and temperature control

• Ergonomically correct foam grip bar and attached thumb for injury prevention

• Five-layer foam combination for high-level impact absorption

• "Splint" style foam combination for wrist support and injury prevention

• Raised cuff panel with strap channel for secure fit

• Made of high-quality microfiber PU for durability

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