Professional Facebar Headgear


Professional-level face bar headgear created to make sure you’re least concerned about three things while sparring: head protection, comfortable fit keeping the headgear from moving and vision. SM – XL 4-size range available. 16,5 Oz weight. Carefully handcrafted for professional use.

Inspired by FG 5000 it has significant differences construction wise. It’s more padded in the front and sides. Impact absorption is ensured by a combination of proprietary formula polymer foams and a polycarbonate internal frame. The geometry of the frame is designed to better wrap the head on the sides compared to the FG 5000.

Shopping with us you’re protected from a mistake since we only make the gear which is truly needed and only when we can make it better than others. Besides we provide a min 1 year guarantee on all items.

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