Pro Angle 75lb Heavy Bag


Fight 2 Finish is Combining old world tradition and new age design, this “Pro Angle” bag is the perfect heavy bag.

Unique design allows the boxer to be able to “rip” those uppercuts during their regular workout.

As with all our heavy bags, we have succeeded in combining a perfect mix of balance, density and resistance.


  • Perfect Density and Resistance Throughout the Bag;
  • Top Heavy to Resist Those “Ripping” Uppercuts;
  • No Hard Spots;
  • Filled Solely with Shredded Material;
  • Proudly Handcrafted in the USA


  • Diameter: 19″ (48cm)
  • Height: 38″ (96cm)
  • Circumference: Top: 60″ (152cm) / Bottom: 38″ (96cm)

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