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Powerlock Cobra Reflex Bag

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Introducing the newest and most advanced reflex punching bag for boxing and combat sports, the Powerlock Cobra Bag. This bag will help you develop sharp punching accuracy, precision, and speed. It has a fully adjustable industrial steel tubular construction that is suitable for professional and home training. The 9-inch high-tension steel spring provides lightning-fast action, allowing you to train at any level, from beginner to world champion. The 8-inch target ball is filled with infused foam, providing ideal resistance without the need for bladders or an air pump. The bag can be adjusted from 4 to 5.5 feet high to accommodate athletes of all sizes. It is perfect for practicing all types of punches, including jabs, power punches, hooks, uppercuts, and combinations, as well as slipping, weaving, and defensive drills. The bag is easy to assemble and adjust with a solid turn knob. The Powerlock Cobra Bag is so advanced and innovative that it provides incredible training and cardio benefits for fitness enthusiasts and professional fighters alike. Train with this bag to gain the vital edge you need to win by honing your punching speed, accuracy, and timing.

• The cobra bag is an effective training tool for developing essential striking skills, such as hand-eye coordination and defensive maneuverability. It is suitable for all combat sports and has an intuitive design that provides a fun and challenging rhythm for fighters of all skill levels. Using a cobra bag is a great way to quickly improve your hand-eye coordination and fight reflexes, such as speed, accuracy, rhythm, and timing. The swinging rebound ball helps to develop these skills.

• The high-tension spring in the cobra bag allows you to practice your defensive footwork and head movement at rapid speeds, even without a partner. This can help you become more difficult to hit during fights.

•The cobra bag has a sturdy design and a heavyweight base that ensures it stays in place during training. The height of the bag can be adjusted to match your needs or to simulate different opponent sizes.

•The rebound ball on the cobra bag has the perfect density for training with or without gloves. It provides excellent resistance and gives distinct feedback with a satisfying pop on impact. This helps you to know how hard you are striking the bag and whether your technique is correct.

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