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MIZUNO Boxing Shoes Finisher MID Black × White

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MIZUNO Boxing Shoes Finisher MID [Unisex]
Product number: 21GA2310
The long-awaited MID cut is on sale for Mizuno boxing shoes!

From top pros to amateurs
Mizuno boxing shoes supported by many athletes

Boxing shoes are one of the few pieces of gear worn by boxers, and are the key to footwork and other footwork. As such an important piece of gear, Mizuno has gained the support and trust of domestic and international boxers, from top professionals to amateurs. Backed by Mizuno's history, techniques and experience, the pinnacle pair will continue to support boxers from the ground up.

It has been over 110 years since our founding in 1906. Mizuno has built up its history and traditions along with the philosophy of its founder, "Even if you don't know what to do." In the world of boxing, in October 1977, when Yoko Gushiken defended his third world championship title against Monsham Mahachai, we provided M-line Mizuno shoes to Mr. Gushiken. Since then, Mr. Gushiken, who entered the ring wearing Mizuno shoes, won 10 defenses and established an immortal record of 13 consecutive defenses. In addition, many boxers, including domestic and international champions and world rankers, love Mizuno shoes. In recent years, Naoya Inoue, nicknamed “Monster,” has made a big impact on the world stage.

Sometimes intense and speedy, sometimes light and rhythmic... A boxer's footwork that never stops during the round. It is no exaggeration to say that shoes that support the movement of such feet are a part of the boxer's body. Mizuno boxing shoes are full of various functions and features suitable for being called a part of the body.

Outer blade type that corresponds to left and right movement
Adopted the outer wing type, which has a part "wing" with a hole through which the string is passed, sewn from the outside of the upper part. Loosening the laces makes it fully open, so it is easy to put your feet in, and it is also highly effective in terms of the unique functionality of boxing, which requires dealing with violent left and right movements.

Sole curvature that creates a natural forward leaning posture
An orthodox stance of boxing, a forward leaning posture that increases the power of punches through efficient and efficient weight transfer. Mizuno boxing shoes specialist craftsmen meticulously create an exquisite curve in the sole, and then crimp it while maintaining its shape. The curvature of this sole creates a natural forward leaning posture.

Sole that feels as close to barefoot as possible
The "barefoot feel" that many boxers want from their shoes. Therefore, the sole of boxing shoes is basically thin, but in addition to thinness, the grip is designed to an exquisite level. For a boxer, we are pursuing a feeling that is as close to bare feet as possible.

Heel counter with excellent holdability
The heel part has a built-in heel counter made by thinly stretching leather scraps. Although it is lightweight, it exhibits excellent holdability that withstands intense movement and does not cause blurring. It has an exquisite hardness that is neither too hard nor too soft, and it also features a natural texture that does not feel uncomfortable when you put your feet in or during a round.

Color :
01: White x Black
02: Black x White

Materials: Upper material: Synthetic fiber, artificial leather, Sole material: Rubber sole
Country of Origin: Made in Japan
Mass: about 265g (27.0cm one side)
Insole: Non-removable (pasted insole)
Shoe Width: For those who are equivalent to 2E
Release season: Spring/Summer 2024
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