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Hayabusa T3D Boxing Gloves

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T3D Boxing Gloves


Methodically engineered using specialized resin printing technology, Hayabusa T3D Boxing Gloves take best-in-class protection, performance, and comfort to a new dimension. T3D redefines the DNA of a boxing glove using custom-tuned 3D-printed cells that instantly absorb impacts and keep your hands comfortable with soft zonal cushioning. The mesh lattice contains thousands of force-damping struts proven to outperform and outlast traditional knuckle padding. Combined with a patented dual-strap closure system and splinted wrist support, T3D represents a new era of boxing.

  • Patent pending 3D-printed lattice cushioning supplies next-gen protection
  • Elastomeric resin outlasts layered foams & offers unparalleled longevity
  • Precisely tuned zonal cushioning soften impacts for optimum comfort
  • Dual-X interlocking wrist straps deliver a precise fit
  • World-renowned splinted support provides perfect wrist alignment
  • Ultra-soft temperature-regulating lining keeps your hands cool
  • Virtually indestructible Vylar exterior provides outstanding resilience
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