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Fight 2 Finish PRO HEAVY BAG 150LBS

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Fight 2 Finish 150 pound boxing bag stands 48" tall and weighs apx.150lbs. With a diameter of 19", this bag is one of our most popular Boxing and MMA bags. Perfect for heavy hitters. Filled only with compressed fabric to a perfect density. It also come standard with a D ring on the bottom for anchoring. The unique size of the diameter provides extra striking area as well, for people who like a wider striking area. Made in USA, and comes with a 10 year warranty. Note: warranty does not cover weather damage and sharp objects.


Hanging the Pro Heavy Bag D-Ring directly on a metal chain will result in corrosion and damage over time. Pro Heavy Bags must be hung by a strap or rope.

Heavy bag weights are an approximation and may vary slightly. Once your order has been placed, we can provide you with the exact weight of the specific heavy bag you will be receiving.

Heavy bag straps are sold separately.

Never leave your heavy bag exposed to the elements. Rain, snow and direct sunlight will cause the materials of the product to deteriorate.

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