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The thickness of the padding in the punch area and thus the level of protection differs depending on the weight of the glove:

  • 8oz – 1,0 inches
  • 10oz – 1.2 inches
  • 12oz – 1,4 inches

Always wrap your hands properly to ensure maximum safety and keep in mind that less padded glove will provide less safety.

The main padding is a combination of high density soft polymer foams. Overall thickness in the punch part is 1,3 inches. The gloves’ design ensures comfortable fit with sufficient space for handwrapping, easy tight grip and complete opening of the palm, large thumb compartment allowing a comfortable positioning of the thumb. Approved by the USA boxing commision. Formal approval by international bodies pending. The gloves have been used for a number of events sanctioned by WBC, WBO, IBO including title shots.

  • The gloves ensure natural tight grip and allow easy palm opening for blocking and catching.
  • The gloves allow enough space for hand wrapping to avoid discomfort.
  • The thumb compartment is perfectly angled and big enough to ensure comfortable thumb positioning.
  • The combination of high density soft polymer foams in the padding delivers perfect feedback and hand protection.
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