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F2F All Matt Black Training Gloves

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The thickness of the padding in the punch area and thus the level of protection differs depending on the weight of the glove:

  • 6oz / 1,0 inches
  • 8oz/  1,2 inches
  • 10oz/ 1,4 inches
  • 120z/ 1,6 inches
  • 14oz/ 2,34 inches
  • 16oz/ 2,36 inches
  • 180z/ 2,48 inches

Always wrap your hands properly to ensure maximum safety and keep in mind that less padded glove will provide less safety.

  • Our series of gloves our professional training gloves by Fight 2 Finish totally focused on functional performance and durability. They are designed for use in all types of boxing workout: bag, mitts, sparring. Carefully handcrafted for professional use. Made of genuine cowhide leather.
  • The punch part is padded with the inner gel proprietary formula polymer foam combination which ensures 70% absorption of impact force in the wide range of punch speed and power. Unlike most of the gloves padded with general purpose foams we designed the inner gel padding specifically for use in a boxing glove. This means that the padding of your Fight 2 Finish gloves will not bottom-out and will preserve its protective properties throughout the whole lifetime of the gloves.
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