F2F Mirco Professional Focus Mitts Oval

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HIGH LEVEL OF PROTECTION. Fight 2 Finish Max is the greatest cushion focus mitts in the F2F Boxing range using a double air-cushion padding system. Four layers of various density foams follow one another and ensure two-step absorption of impact power. The front layer of soft foam has an U-shape to ensure the softest possible contact. The residual punch energy is then absorbed by a cascade of different density foams composing the padding.

  • COMFORT. The mitts have a comfortable palm compartment equipped with a grip-ball, which ensures a tight grip and stable positioning of the focus mitt on the hand and a finger cover to eliminate finger injury risk while high-speed combo training.
  • DURABILITY. The case of the mitts is made totally of high performance engineered leather laminated with fabric in the areas of maximum stress. All stitching is made with a 4-ply nylon thread.
  • Fight To Finish Boxing provides a 1-year replacement or full refund guarantee on all items. Please treat your Ultimatum Boxing item with care to extend the lifetime: let dry in room temperature after each use, apply leather care lotions on your discretion.


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